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Festival will come back in 2013

This year, there will be no Corto in Bra.

2013 would have seen the 12th edition of a festival that was started in 1996, and which since 2008 had been held annually. It took many years and sacrifices to guarantee the continuity of a cultural event that over time earned Bra great affection from the world of Italian cinema, thanks to the high calibre of its guests (Paolo Sorrentino, Paul Haggis, Silvio Soldini, Saverio Costanzo, Giuseppe Bertolucci, Antonio Albanese, Rocco Papaleo, Claudio Giovannesi, Marco Ponti, Davide Ferrario, Renato De Maria, Jan Kaczmarek, Dieter Kosslick, Ambra Angiolini, Gianni Zanasi and many others) and indirectly from those who heard enthusiastic reviews from their colleagues about their stay in Bra.

Reputations like Corto in Bra's are created with years of work, and so now the priority is not to lose this asset. We would therefore like to announce that Corto in Bra will return, renewed and richer than ever, in 2014. The 2013 edition is not being skipped because of a lack of enthusiasm or confidence, but is due simply to financial issues, connected to the difficult situation that we are all currently experiencing. In the past years we have manage to survive by making as many cuts and savings as possible, but there is a threshold under which Corto in Bra cannot be an event worthy of its reputation. In this break year, we must therefore gather our energies, hold on to our assets, and work for Bra to return in 2014 as a vital reference point for the creativity of young filmmakers, so that the audiences that have always filled the festival's screenings can once again experience this unique cinematographic event. To come through these difficult times takes imagination, a sense of community, commitment, quality: everything that Corto in Bra has represented over the last 15 years.

Bruna Sibille, Mayor of Bra
Luca Busso, President of the Bracinetica association







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